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This is a Training course targeted at those who want to understand the fundamentals of the Nigerian Banking System.
Oleren · July 9, 2023

WEB COURSE: Content is on the web, Assessment and Certification is by Oleren

This is a Training course targeted at those who want to understand the fundamentals of the Nigerian Banking System.

There are optional sections you can go through from material across the net. These are already in the public domain and you do not have to watch or read them on our site, You can go to the source and engage with them there. They are only on our site for easy navigation.

There is an Assessment at the end, where you have to pass to gain a certificate of completion. The Assessment is generated by Oleren and depending on the course you are taken you may have to pay for the Assessment & Certificate only or you may have a coupon or code to take the assessment for free. This particular course is not an Oleren Course on a Page.

For these types of courses, the internet provides the free content, Oleren provides the Assessment and Certification.

Here are some external sources you can review to understand more of the Nigerian Banking System

  1. Central Bank of Nigeria: This is the apex bank in Nigeria and provides various publications, circulars, and reports related to monetary policy, banking supervision, and the financial system. You can visit their website here.
  2. Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC): NDIC provides useful resources related to deposit insurance and bank supervision in Nigeria. Their official website is here.
  3. Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE): The NSE provides resources related to companies listed on the exchange, including banks. Check out their website here.
  4. Books and Online Courses: Books like "Banking and Finance in Nigeria: Concepts and Practice" by A. O. Enyi could be helpful.
  5. News Websites: Websites like the Nigerian Financial Intelligence, Proshare Nigeria, and Business Day Nigeria regularly publish articles on the Nigerian banking system.
  6. Academic and Research Institutions: Websites of Nigerian universities and research institutions often have research papers and articles on the subject.

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